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Rail New York is not only a website that outlines the problems and delivers solutions, but we are also a collective organization through which pro-freight rail advocates in the New York region - and all throughout the world - can collectively make their voices heard in the ongoing debate and struggle to achieve rail-based solutions for the New York region's Quality of Life, particularly Long Island and the East-of-Hudson region. Let's face it, there are a number of anti-rail NIMBY groups out there who are very vocal in the debate and are preventing (even scaring away) our politicians and policy-makers from moving forward with the rail-based solutions our region so desperately needs. Why do you think we keep re-visiting these issues over and over again? Aren't you tired of study after study after study, only for our politicians to keep re-visiting the options and deliver the same recommended solutions that will never be palatable to NIMBY groups? It seems nothing will ever get done so long as these NIMBY groups continue to oppose any and every solution that will create a better New York with greater rail-based logistics options.

To date, no organization exists that coalesces the silent majority of people - individuals and citizens - under a single umbrella who will stand up and fight for rail-based logistics options. Pro-freight rail supporters have thus far been fragmented, with no common organization to collectively represent them. Rail New York has arrived, and it is our mission to serve as the pro-freight rail public advocacy group that will engage politicians and policy-makers to support freight rail objectives and show them the vast number of people who support freight rail solutions for New York. It is our every intent to counter the lies and anti-rail slander that NIMBY groups continue to bring to their "electeds", and leverage the pure numbers of our membership roster to sway the debate in favor of freight rail. As we said, we are the silent majority...

But silent we will be no more!

The time has come for you to join Rail New York!

How do I "join" Rail New York?

Two words: Social Media. Rail New York has opted against the antiquated "database" model of collecting the names and personal information of our pro-freight rail supporters; we find it isn't necessary to accomplish our goals. Let's face it, mediums such as Facebook and Twitter have become the new norm, particularly among a newer generation of people who will lead our aggressive charge into the future. If you'd like to be a part of our effort to support freight rail solutions in the East-of-Hudson region, simply "Like" our Facebook Page and/or subscribe to our Twitter feed. It's that simple. Nothing else is required or asked of you!

In this manner, you will also be privy to our latest Facebook "Status Updates" and Twitter "Tweets". You will always be in the loop - after all, this is the information age. We scour the newspapers and other media sources every day to find articles of interest related to freight rail in New York City and Long Island, and we immediately post these articles on our Social Media outlets for your consumption. When an issue of critical importance arises, we "rally our troops" and devise an action plan to accomplish our objectives. You will sometimes be asked to write a letter to a politician or city agency (Letter Templates will be provided of course), and that's all we need from you!

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Q: How do I contact Rail New York for additional information?

A: You may contact Rail New York by sending an email to info@railnewyork.com

Please note that media inquiries and questions from pro-freight rail advocates are welcome, but we will ignore any emails from anti-rail NIMBY groups.

Q: I understand Rail New York's contributors, members, and target audience is not just limited to the population of metropolitan New York and Long Island. Doesn't this de-legitamize your message and mission?

A: New York City and the surrounding region constitutes one of the most important urban centers in the world. As New York goes, so does the rest of the country. People all throughout the country, in all 50 states, recognize this fact, and realize that the worsening of any congestion problems in New York will have disastrous consequences that will reverberate all throughout the country. This is called the "ripple effect", and the better New York City runs, the better the nation runs; indeed, the entire global economy.

While many entities involved with Rail New York are New Yorkers themselves, many are also ex-New Yorkers who still love Gotham, people who have left the city because they were absolutely fed up with the traffic congestion and the decaying roadway infrastructure due to the region's logistics being primarily truck-based. We also have members and contributors all throughout the country who stand alongside us and support our mission.

Q: Why doesn't your civic involvement include more than this website and your Facebook page? Where are your "ground troops"?

A: As we see it, this website and our Facebook page are all we need to educate the population of NYC/Long Island on the benefits of freight rail. We also target a national audience, and many of our data contributors are experts in rail logistics who provide us with the statistics we need to make the case for freight rail. Beyond that, we are working indirectly "behind the scenes" to promote change and shift the regional logistics strategy to a more rail-based strategy.

Q: Who funds this website? Are you affiliated with railroads such as CSX and New York & Atlantic in any way?

A: This website and our activities are 100% funded by its creators. Any affiliation with the railroads, or financial contributions by the railroads, would be an extreme conflict of interest and get us into hot water. We will leave the railroads alone and let them do their job. That being said, they DO need a champion for freight rail and that is why we exist. We aim to indirectly help the railroads by building their traffic base, but see the inherent conflict of interest if we were to accept a single dime from them. We want to avoid any controversy and focus on our mission. In fact, we don't ask for donations from any entity; our operating overhead is virtually nothing.

Q: Is this just a group of "railfans", people who just happen to like trains?

A: Some of our membership base are indeed railfans; it is not our intent to lie to you. However, the vast majority of our base are concerned New Yorkers and ex-New Yorkers who are fighting for a better city with an improved Quality of Life, achieved through reduced traffic, reduced air pollution, and keeping the roadway infrastructure in better condition by taking heavy tractor-trailers off the roads and shifting freight transportation to rail.

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